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Scene Study Classes

You can recognize actors who have years of scene study experience under their belts. They shine at auditions and in performance. You will be working on scenes with a partner and rehearsals outside of class are a must. This is a class geared to creating character, fleshing it out, molding and crafting it to utmost precision.

Character Study Workshop

This class is a powerful on-camera class that works with you at your level of expertise. Whether you’re the next Anthony Hopkins or Jessica Lange or you just rolled out of bed one morning and thought you’d try acting, this class provides you with the opportunity for some up close and personal work to bring you to the next level of your excellence. A different, challenging scene every week.

Private Sessions

Study with Martha privately for an experience you’ll never forget. Whether you’re preparing for an audition; want to release some old emotional blocks; or just want to brush up on your technique, these sessions get extremely specific. Call for an appointment.

Package Deal I

Get the Burgess Process, Scene Study Class, the Character Study Workshop and the Weekend Intensive. The whole Shebang!

Package Deal II

This Package Deal includes The Burgess Process, Scene Study Class or the Character Study Workshop AND the Weekend Instensive.

** We also offer Rhythm Clinics, Improvisation, Cellular Memory Classes and classes in creating the career you want. Check out or classes in our on-line newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter by calling us at Martha Burgess Performance Training, 770-206-4002 or email us at burgess@martha-burgess.com.