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It’s easy to detect bad coaches: Their methods don’t lead to the power of your potential. Instead, they ask you to imitate their potential. This is an intrusion on the process.

Martha Burgess is an acknowledged innovator in training, coaching and development. She begins by acknowledging that business behavior is human behavior – and that the highest goals for both are the same: Integrity, love, commitment, loyalty, truth, kindness and honor.

As a great coach and trainer, Martha Burgess is part executive, part employee, part strategist, part pragmatist, part artist, part analyst, part trend forecaster, and part trendsetter. A successful business needs all these people. How much would hiring all of these people cost you? Doesn’t it make more economic sense to hire one exceptional knowledge base to fill all these roles?

Martha Burgess instantly commands attention whether the room is crowded with CEO’s or lawyers. She grows companies, as she “grows” their people. Her unique methods are so successful that an extraordinary 100% of our businesses report happier and more self-assured employees immediately after taking our training.