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“Martha Burgess is amazing…great insight… You can hear a pin drop at her seminars. No one wants to miss a word.”

Marris Macey

“It’s really been neat when I find myself 'in the zone'. When I came to your course, I was worried about my stern look and comments that I don’t smile. When I am being my potentialized-self, I find that I just can’t help but smile. I had a near repeat of the board meeting confrontations. But before I went in, I focused on how I could be my potentialized-self and really worked on not letting my unpotentialized-self show up. It went very well because I was much more aware that nothing was going to happen to me that I wasn’t willing to let happen to me. I felt much more comfortable and less stressed.


David Greenly
Rohm and Haas

“Your critique of our trial was like a lighting bold to our awareness of courtroom dynamics and it gave us specific knowledge and techniques that were not available through traditional classroom teaching nor from general experience. Thank you!

Karen Morgan

“Thank you so much for the outstanding day-long seminar you gave at the American Trial Lawyers Association Annual Convention. I’ve heard so many positive, enthusiastic reviews from both male and female attorneys who attended your lecture. Your lecture left everyone on the edges of their seats wanting to know more. These tools are incredibly powerful for trial lawyers in our efforts to represent and protect the rights of consumers everywhere and we look forward to learning more from you. Thank you so much for this incredible insight. I will certainly benefit from this knowledge, as will all those with whom I interact on a personal and professional level, and those individuals I represent.”

Linda G. Wilson