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In October 2002, Time Magazine noted the runaway popularity of online personality tests. The trend has only increased since then. One leading personality quiz site saw traffic quadruple in a one-year period. The tests range from the silly (“What Breed of Dog Are You?) to the serious (Myers-Briggs, DISC and Birkman). The more serious tests, while fascinating and valuable, are often too complex for immediate or practical application in the workplace.

While the research behind the LCS is complex, the fundamentals are easily comprehended, and readily applied to the workplace.

The LCS is a unique assessment, as it measures a vital seed of personality – how you experience the world. By assessing the way you take in experience (learn) and convey experience (communicate), the LCS shows how you relate to work, employers, fellow employees and workplace stress. Additional personality characteristics, which are also reflected in the LCS, stem from these intrinsic learning and communication patterns. The results of the LCS process, when applied to teams and organizations, yield astounding benefits for businesses. Understanding your own and others’ learning and communication sequences makes for extremely effective communication, eradicating misunderstanding, enhancing teamwork, lessening frustration and more.

The LCS is based on the triunal brain system, meaning that there are three parts of the brain that control three very specific processes. These three centers fire in a variety of sequences and intensities, thereby determining our unique learning and communication sequences.