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I. Assessment and Process

With her trademark evaluation, Martha Burgess assesses each individual's learning and communication process and provides companies with graphical interpretations of the results. We interpret the charts for you, teach you how to interpret them for future use, and present the information to the company as requested – suggesting the best team and/or job restructuring to management, running team comparisons, assessing individual performance, predicting conflicts, and presenting solutions. Our Learning and Communication Sequence (LCS) Assessments are an invaluable tool when hiring, merging, acquiring or downsizing.



III. PPI Training and Systematic Access

Peak Performance Improvement (PPI) Training is a methodic approach, tailor-made to your organization and its needs. Employee by employee, we show your company how to work at higher levels of performance. Systematic Access is the hands on coaching process for the executives, teams and individuals within your organization. We take the quickest route to help break old patterns that no longer serve your organization and its goals, and train people to adopt more powerful behaviors. You’ll see performance improve markedly, and immediately.

IV. Planning and Evaluation

After implementation of The Burgess Process, we sit down with you and determine how far you’ve come and where you want to go next. At this time, we may conduct more interviews, survey your new image, or design an itinerary that will guide you further on your journey, helping you choose and arrive at the next, more ambitious destination.