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Her experience as an acting coach first led her to define a system of Peak Performance Improvement (PPI), which allowed actors to generate high energy, without anxiety, on command. Burgess’ method of achieving peak performance energy far exceeds generic business-seminar-style peak performance training. It renders visibility, bestows the dynamic of all great leadership and opens the door to consistently high levels of accomplishment through the peak performance behaviors. The business community quickly embraced her methods, which Burgess has taught to corporations for more than 30 years. As she continued to explore the underpinnings of PPI, her methods evolved into a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to excellence called The Burgess Process.
Martha Burgess, LLC, is a full-service firm dedicated to improving the executive, management, employee and ultimately the customer experience. We teach companies, teams and individuals how to stand out in the crowded business arena, how your voice can be heard loudly and clearly above the din, how to deliver the highest caliber performance in today’s hotly competitive marketplace, and how to be remembered as the best. Burgess’ innovative approach to training and development has been heralded as visionary and her training unequivocally transforms her clients.